Advice on Report Requests

Issuing Death Certificates where the doctor has not seen the patient in the 14 days prior to death

The LMC have received updated guidance from the Coroner's Office regarding the above. Read more here... 

Published 17th December 2018

GPDF Commissioned Legal Information Notes - Witness Summons or Court Orders and E-signatures 

Following requests, The GPDF (GP Defence Fund) have commissioned legal information notes from Pennington Manches LLP that are relevant to LMCs and Practices. Read the note on Witness Summons  here...   and to see guidance related to e-signatures  click here...  

Published 29th November 2018

LMC advice regarding medical report requests for benefits appeals 

Calderdale LMC represents all GPs in Calderdale and has a statutory duty to advise local GPs on such matters. We are often asked questions about requests for medical reports to support benefits appeals. Please read our advice here...

Published 12th February 2018

Firearms Licensing - GP Support Guide

From 1 April 2016 new information sharing processes between GPs and the police were introduced in an attempt to ensure those licensed to possess firearms and shotgun certificates are medically fit to carry arms. 

The BMA offer advice regarding how GPs should respond. Read more here...

Published 24th January 2018

Medical Information and Request from Insurers

In January 2017, the Association of British Insurers published a set of high level principles on requesting and obtaining medical information electronically from GPs. The principles were developed with input from the BMA and the ICO. 

The BMA offers guidance on issues related to access to medical reports including legislation, consent, individuals' rights, seeing the report, amendments, fees, withholding information, Doctors' responsibilities and failure to comply with legislation. There is also guidance on the use of electronic signatures and Subject Access Requests (SARs) for insurance purposes.  Read more here...

Published 24th January 2018