Sessional GPs


This page is dedicated to our local Sessional GPs; providing valuable information regarding support available to them, as well as offering guidance and enabling them to establish links with the LMC and wider GP community. 

At Calderdale LMC we believe that Sessional GPs (Salaried and Locums) are an important and significant part of the workforce. We are committed to representing ALL GPs working in the area and are working hard to improve our engagement with you! 

In January 2017, we appointed our very first Sessional GP Representative, Dr Rukhsana Hussain; an independent Locum GP who lives and works in Calderdale. She is helping to ensure that the needs of our growing Sessional GP workforce are voiced and addressed appropriately. 

Please use the Contact Us link on the home page for further information.

What can the LMC do for Sessional GPs?

Be a source of confidential advice and pastoral support

We welcome contact from our GPs, especially those experiencing difficulties. We will always try to help. If we are unable to assist directly, we can always signpost individuals to relevant organisations/bodies that are in a position to do so.  

Please note, Calderdale LMC is unable to provide employment advice to individual Sessional GPs as this falls within the remit of the BMA’s employment advice service.

Provide regular updates on current issues related to General Practice 

This website is regularly updated with minutes of our monthly meetings and the LMC newsletter. We also use the website as a platform to relay information regarding local and national hot topics which may be of relevance to you. We can email updates to those who register their details with us.

Create links between Sessional GPs and the local CCG

We can facilitate communication between you and the CCG. We can help to ensure that, just like our practices, you, as an individual Sessional GP, receive regular clinical updates, the CCG newsletter and invitations to relevant protected learning and training events.

Connect Sessional GPs to the BMA's Sessional GPs Subcommittee

The Sessional GP Subcommittee provide national representation for all Salaried and Locum GPs. They endeavour to consider all matters of interest to you. The LMC can raise concerns on your behalf. We will be uploading their newsletter to this site regularly to keep you updated on matters affecting Sessional GPs nationally.

Help Sessional GPs, especially those new to the area, network with other GPs

All GPs are welcome to attend our monthly LMC meetings at the Learning and Development Centre, Calderdale Royal Hospital. The dates for meetings appear on the Home Page of our website. Please contact our Liaison Project Officer, Davina McDonald if you would like to attend at

The Pennine GP Learning Group is a local group open to all GPs in the area. It provides an opportunity to address your learning and professional development needs as well as access to peer support. The website can also be used as an educational resource.

Provide opportunities for Sessional GPs to undertake GP leadership roles

Clearly, the role of the LMC is wide. By becoming involved with the LMC you can ensure your voice is heard as well as have the opportunity to play an active role in shaping policy and the future of General Practice in the UK.

Help us to help YOU!

Ensure that you register your contact details with us so that you can receive up to date information and newsletters - make the most of the support available to you!

To register with the LMC, please email Please remember to include your full name, address, GMC number and place of work for our records and verification purposes.