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Palliative  Care guidance for Community Professionals

A wide range of guidelines and resources are available to support you in treating End Of Life and Palliative Care.

Please use the following link to access:

Covid19 Palliative Care Resources

Prescribing advice and treatment pathways for patients with COVID-19

To support you in the most up to date guidance in regard to Prescribing and treatment of patients, please use the following link:

Covid19 Prescribing and Pathways Guidance

The following links are also useful:

Guidance on Fast Track process for returning GPs here

Guidance on shielding and protecting vulnerable here

RCGP Ethical Guidance on Covid19 and Primary Care here

Death certification information and useful links

There have been a number of changes to guidance and local procedures. To ensure you are up to date on these, please look through the following link:

Covid19 Death Certification Guidance

Screening and Immunisations Guidance

Please use the following link for the latest:

Covid19 Screening and Immunisations

What have we been up to?

The LMC has reorganised the home page to be more relevant to the clinical pathways and procedures that will be necessary for managing patients over the next few weeks. Some areas overlap and may be duplicated for ease of use.

PPE Information and Guidance

Guidance and advice on PPE is available on the following link:

Covid19 PPE Guidance

Video on how to appropriately take on and take off PPE here

Referrals to CHFT and Other Providers

During the current situation there may be changes to referral processes to key agencies. To see up to date advice on these, please use the link below:

Covid19 Referrals to CHFT and other Agencies

Covid19 Testing for Key Workers in Calderdale

Important Information and referral procedure is available here

Clarification on criteria for testing here

Support Services for Staff

During these exceptional times, it is recognised that our staff will value support and resources to ensure they are able to maintain personal wellbeing.

Please press here to view a wide range of services available to you.

Non-Clinical Guidance and Information

LMC guidance for parents with children returning to school here

To find a wide range of support information, posters and guidance please use this link:

Covid19 Non-Clinical Guidance and Information











Upcoming events

Next LMC Meeting

There will be a virtual LMC being held on Wednesday 17 June 7.45pm. This will be utilising Microsoft Teams to enable a video conference. 

If you wish to be part of the meeting, then please contact the LMC Liaison Officer.

Covid 19 - Keep Up to Date!

Calderdale LMC, Calderdale CCG and the Primary Care Networks are working together on a daily basis to keep General Practice updated on the latest developments. Additionally daily advice and guidance reflecting national decisions are also agreed and made available.

Please press here to see the regular LMC/CCG/PCN Daily Briefings

Updates Week Commencing 25 May



For all contact, comments or questions to Calderdale LMC, please email the Liaison Officer, Marcus Beacham on: