How we are funded

How are we funded? 

Calderdale LMC collects two separate levies from its constituents.

GMS and PMS and APMS practices pay a statutory/administrative levy which pays for the running of the LMC.
We also collect a voluntary levy which we use to contribute to the running costs of GPC via the General Practice Defence Fund.

The LMC levies are designed to provide income to support the LMC locally and also to provide a contribution towards the national costs of representing general practitioners.

There are two types of levies, the Statutory levy, and the Voluntary levy. Irrespective of the contractual framework that a practice operates within, the levies are collected on a straight capitation basis.  Where appropriate the LMC collects the levies by way of mandates signed by the practice. 

Statutory Levy

This is calculated according to the capitation levels of each practice.  Capitation figures are adjusted quarterly and are reported to the LMC via WYCSA.  The current level of the administrative levy stands at 55p/capita.

Voluntary Levy

This is also calculated as for the statutory levy, according to capitation levels.  All contributions received by the LMC are paid directly to the General Practitioners Defence Fund.  Voluntary levy is rated at 1p/capita

Salaried Doctors, GP Registrars and Locums

All Calderdale GMS and PMS practices support the local LMC structure through the Statutory levy.  Consequently, it was agreed by the Committee that any doctor working as a GP in one of our practices would not be required to pay any further levy, and could avail of the LMC services.