Well-being and Support Resources to Staff

Support and Resources for staff

The GP Mentoring Scheme has been adapted on a district wide level to provide a tailored service for our GPs during this crisis. For more information and how to access the service, please press  here

The BMA has a suite if resources for all staff to help manage and improve wellbeing. To access these please press here

Calderdale IAPT Service information  here

Free online psychological help for junior doctors working on the frontline:

Please press here

Practitioner Health Services - For support to all staff

SHOUT Mental Health Support Service

Resources and Support from NHSi

NHSe Updated Wellbeing Support Services

Managing Burnout Webinars

NHS Mental Health Hotline

The following wellbeing apps are available free to all staff:

Free Vital Signs Guide


Unmind is a mental health platform that empowers staff to proactively improve their mental wellbeing. Using scientifically-backed assessments, tools and training you can measure and manage your personal mental health needs, including digital programmes designed to help with stress, sleep, coping, connection, fulfilment and nutrition.
They are offering free access to NHS staff until the end of December 2020, active now.
How NHS staff can get access
- Go to nhs.unmind.com/signup
- Sign up with your NHS email address
- Download the Unmind app from your appstore - your organisation name is NHS. 


Headspace is a science-backed app in mindfulness and meditation, providing unique tools and resources to help reduce stress, build resilience, and aid better sleep.
They are offering free access to all NHS staff with an NHS email address until 31 December, active now.
How NHS staff can get access
Go to https://www.headspace.com/nhs for NHS staff to access, with the option to select clinical or non-clinical staff to start enrolling
You will need to use your NHS email address to sign up

Sleepio and Daylight (developed by Big Health):

Sleepio is a clinically-evidenced sleep improvement programme that is fully automated and highly personalised, using cognitive behavioural techniques to help improve poor sleep.
Free access to Sleepio for all NHS staff is active now until 31 December.
Daylight is a smartphone-based app that provides help to people experiencing symptoms of worry and anxiety, using evidence-based cognitive behavioural techniques, voice and animation.
Free access to Daylight is active now until 31 December.
How NHS staff can get access

How to access Sleepio
1.     Visit sleepio.com/redeem on your laptop or desktop computer
2.     Enter redeem code NHS2020 and sign up for an account using your name and email address
3.     Complete the sleep test
4.     Get started!
How to access Daylight
1.     Click on the following link: daylight.com/NHSaccess
2.     Answer a few short questions to tailor the programme to you
3.     Sign up for an account using your name and email address
4.     Download the Daylight smartphone app (search 'Daylight - Worry Less', available on both iPhone and Android)
5.     Get started!

Managing mental health challenges guidance - here

Guidance for planning psychological responses - here