Covid19 Referrals to CHFT and Other Agencies

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Referrals to CHFT

With the Calderdale & Huddersfield NHS Trust recent announcement that it is suspending all routine referrals for the foreseeable future, Calderdale LMC has the following advice for all referring clinicians:
To inform such patients at the point of consultation and that it would be their responsibility to contact the GP practice when the pandemic is over to initiate the referral.
For vulnerable patients (e.g. safeguarding, memory issues) or those deemed clinically necessary, the referring clinician is advised to arrange their own scheduled follow up/tasks in 3 months or earlier depending on the clinical situation. It is essential that every practice has a safety net in place to ensure these patients are not lost to the system.

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Dementia Referrals

Referrals to Calderdale dementia post-diagnostic support service during the coronavirus pandemic:

The Alzheimer’s Society, which runs the Calderdale dementia  post-diagnostic support service is having to close its Halifax office in line with government guidance.
Please direct any referrals to  (preferred option) or phone them through to Paul Smithson on 07803 115653, where they will then be redirected to the duty worker.

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