NHS Track and Trace App- QR Codes

The NHS contact tracing app is now available nationally. The app has a feature that allows any premises to generate and print a QR code to allow visitors to ‘check-in’ by scanning it. The QR code functionality is intended to consolidate all existing digital check-in services that have largely been in use in pubs and restaurants. Although all commercial premises are still obliged to offer a paper check in service, if they offer a QR one then it must be via the app. While GP surgeries are not obliged to offer either (appointment IT systems keep an accurate log of visitors) as part of wider efforts to encourage the public to download the app, practices may generate and display QR codes generated through the app on the understanding that these are not mandatory and patients are not obliged to scan them in order to attend.

QR codes can be generated here

The app features the ability to turn contact tracing on and off – this feature was built in for users working in high-risk environments but with adequate PPE to ensure that they do not receive notifications to isolate where it is not necessary.