GP Contract Arrangement 2021/22

A summary of the latest information published by the BMA 21 January 2021

These changes will be implemented throughout 2021/22, depending on the pandemic, and will be agreed later in the year. Practices will be provided with adequate time to prepare.


The full details are available on the BMA  website  but in summary, from April:


Funding increases previously agreed will be honoured

Funding increase to global sum to allow a 2.1% uplift in pay

QOF will be largely the same as for 2020/21 with some amendments to cancer and SMI domains to assist with the impact of the pandemic, and changes to vaccinations and immunisations as previously planned to continue with the move to an item of service payment arrangement for childhood vaccinations – these will see additional funding go into QOF

QI modules from 20/21 to be repeated and slightly amended

The core digital offer to patients has been defined, largely based on how practices are already operating due to the pandemic

New ARRS roles will come on stream, with additional funding being made available to enable mental health practitioners to be part of the PCN workforce

London weighting can be paid as part of ARRS max reimbursement amounts

IIF 2020/12 indicators will remain unchanged. GPCE and NHSEI will have further discussion on other planned indicators for 2021/22, utilising the additional investment to the IIF

No new PCN service specifications from April (will be phased in later in the year with dates to be agreed depending on the pandemic), and current PCN services to receive minor amendments

GPC England and NHSE/I will discuss the introduction (in-year) of a new enhanced service related to obesity and weight management