Covid19 Daily Briefing 7 April

**Email sent on behalf of the LMC, Clinical Directors and NHS Calderdale CCG**
Dear All
1.    NEW General Practice SOP – revised version 2.1
·         The SOP published late on Friday as v2.0 has been updated again last night to v2.1
2.    Easter Opening
·         Summary of the email from Friday around Easter, we would ask each practice to plan to be open during core hours (8am to 6.30pm)  on the 10th and 13th of April 2020.  This will at least include the ability to have:
o   phone lines available between 8am to 6:30pm (please do not use answerphones to direct calls to LCD or 111)
o   respond to patients’ urgent needs
o   receive dispositions from 111 for patients who have been advised to speak with a GP.
o   5 Calderdale Face to Face sites will be operational to support practices for face to face appointments
3.    Secondary Care Condition Specific Information
See attached table which has collated the A&G by speciality and any condition specific updates we have received.
This will be updated as more information comes through, so that you have a single place to check for CHFT info.
·         A&G Contact Phone Numbers A-Z
·         IBS – NEW
·         Endoscopy - NEW
4.    IAPT – free webinars to help staff
·         These three FREE webinars have been designed to help NHS frontline staff and IAPT professionals, focusing on mental wellbeing in light of COVID-19.
·         You can join these webinars LIVE or each one will be downloadable once they have taken place.
o   Managing Burnout Webinar for NHS Frontline Staff: Tuesday 7th April 2020, 7pm - 8pm LIVE Webinar
o   Staff Wellbeing Webinar - IAPT Service Support During COVID-19: Thursday 16th April 2020, 2pm - 3pm LIVE webinar
o   Physical Activity in Isolation Webinar - IAPT Service Support During COVID-19: Friday 24th April 2020, 12pm - 1pm LIVE webinar    
5.    High risk/vulnerable patients FAQs


·         Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) aimed specifically for a GP and hospital clinician audience,
·         Separate set of FAQs for patients.
·         These have been updated to explain that not everybody in this group will have received a letter yet.
6.    Calderdale Social Care and Volunteering Hubs
·         Two hubs are up and running now and are virtual
·         Single webpage to be used for referring
·         The telephone number ideally used only in cases where no-one can access internet on the resident’s behalf
·         Patients referred to the Social Care Hub will be triaged and passed onto the Volunteering Hub as needed
·         We agreed with our Governing Body yesterday to pass our initial list of 4,000 ‘vulnerable’ patients into the Social Care Hub, recognising that GPs will be going through another round of list generating with NHS Digital.  Decision was based on the risk of leaving patients without any form of support for 2 more weeks.  However, will take some time for the entire 4,000 to go through the process, and they will try to do it in a way that addresses the most vulnerable first.  The list includes; patients originally identified by NHSE and those from CHFT as a starting point. Social Care has already received a list of vulnerable social care clients from their national team.
·         The Volunteering Hub are looking to establish a virtual volunteering hub in each PCN.  We have asked the Engagement Team to identify a single point of contact in each PCN so that there can be communication and links to Social Prescribers
·         Leaflets describing the offers are being sent by CMBC to every home in Calderdale next week.
·         See attached
7.    Home Oxygen Concentrators for named patients only
·         Home oxygen concentrators are for named patients only rather than for general installation – see attached letter
·         Please note: that the letter for home users, and appendix, is for information only as they will be sent to all home users via the home oxygen suppliers.
8.    Stop Smoking Service – support for all practices offering level 2 stop smoking services
·         Yorkshire Smoke Free Calderdale (YSFC) would like to reassure you that their Specialist Stop Smoking Advisors are able to take on your case load if you feel your practice does not have capacity to support patients to quit smoking at the moment.
·         As you are aware, there is no better time for your patients to stop smoking. Quitting smoking is an important way for individuals to reduce their risk from coronavirus (Covid-19).
·         Please call YSFC on 01422 262373 to discuss further if you require any help.
9.    Managing Dental problems at home  
·         See attached guidance for patients
10.  Screening and Immunisations Summary
·         Update around ANNB & TB attached
·         Other screening programmes will be updated once guidance released but we understand that all cancer screening (breast, bowel, cervical) are suspended.
·         Referrals for suspected cancer continues as per the comms previously sent to primary care and follow up with any recalls etc.
11.  PPE
·         We are still awaiting National Guidance on the expected e-commerce portal for ordering PPE for Primary Care and understand that this facility will be in addition to the Place Based Hubs being arranged in conjunction with the LA.
Thank you