Covid19 Daily Briefing 27 May

*Email sent on behalf of the LMC, Clinical Directors and NHS Calderdale CCG**


Messages from the Joint Clinical Reference Group – Out Patient Referrals (3rd Update)

To: Clinicians in secondary care and general practice across Calderdale & Greater Huddersfield

As agreed we have set-out below the key messages from our meeting on 21 May:

· There was recognition of the issues and questions which had arisen from our 2nd update circulated recently and they shaped our conversations.

· We confirmed that the CAS approach we had developed was not a formal change in pathway, but about learning and building stronger clinician to clinician dialogue, and joint decision making into existing pathways. Whilst there is need for an overall framework to this approach, the CAS for each speciality may take a different format. We are looking at consistency of referrals through Ardens templates, and tools like E-Consult, as part of this exploration.

· We confirmed that the 14 day isolation period for patients coming into the hospital was national guidance and not something constructed locally. At the moment is the only way to protect the safety of patients and staff. This would, of course, be reviewed as the national advice changes.

· Clinical Assessment Service (CAS) work has continued across all the 6 high volume specialties at pace and we are grateful for those clinicians who have come forward to support this.

· We confirmed clinical leadership for a diagnostic CAS which would respond to a reduction in available capacity which was emerging post-Covid. To support this, there was a request for clinicians to provide as much information as possible on referrals to enable the CAS approach to be effective.

· We recognised the huge importance of communicating with patients about how their interactions with primary and secondary care will be very different, and we committed to ensuring the development of messaging in different media.

· This is a rapidly developing work programme, aimed at learning together, and this learning will be shared with clinicians more widely as part of agreeing changes.

Clinical management of COVID-19 in care home residents

This really useful resource: ‘Clinical management of COVID-19 in care home residents’ – available here

c) Do Not Attempt Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation reminder for GPs

Nationally, there has been some misinterpretation of the DNACPR Guidelines which has led to inappropriate/invalid DNACPR decisions - hence this local aide memoir attached via Calderdale CCG Designated Nurse for Safeguarding Adults

d) Testing

A letter has been issued from NHSE providing details of Antibody testing programme roll out for NHS staff and patients (25th May 2020). Work is ongoing to understand how this is going to be implemented locally and we are hoping to have a better understanding of this towards the end of the week. We do not have any further details around the logistics as yet.

In the meantime, there is work progressing the roll out of the swab testing for Care and GP staff to see if they are COVID positive. This will begin in Central PCN and a letter with further details will follow shortly.

e) Face to Face Transport Service

Attached is the report for week ending 22nd May 2020 from the voluntary services that are providing transport for patients to the face to face and now green sites. It includes numbers and some really positive feedback from service users and practices.

There is also a reminder of the process and some details re: booking and how it works – please take the time to read page 2 of the attachment. Please ring Pat Akerman on 07495 049432 to book patient transport. This is the dedicated line for this service. Telephoning Pat means we can give you an immediate response on whether we have a booking slot available and allows us to agree an alternative date if necessary without delay to you or the patient. It also allows us to take all the essential details we need for booking the transport service Please do not give out this number to the patients directly – this is only available for surgeries to use for booking. Any queries regarding transport should be arranged between the surgery and Pat.

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