Covid-19 Daily Briefing 26 March

**Email sent on behalf of the LMC, Clinical Directors and NHS Calderdale CCG**
Hi everyone
1.    EdgeMedical Details
In our haste to provide support to practices we sent out details of a supplier that provides PPE. We are aware that they are not on the NHSE supplier list and therefore do not know whether these products are quality assured. Therefore we recommend you do not place orders with them at this point.
We are aware of the concern both nationally and local around the specification for PPE for primary care and expecting further statements by the end of the week. At present our advice continues to be in line with national guidance.
2.    Online Isolation notes
·         A reminder that patients can complete Online isolation notes if they have symptoms or they need to self-isolate.
3.    Patients for shielding
·         Rheumatology – the British Society for Rheumatology have published advice for immunosuppressed patients which is attached
4.    Security
·         ID Badges – Please be aware that there have been some thefts of NHS Badges and be extra vigilant at the moment
·         Report any incidents on DATIX so we can track them
5.    NHS Volunteers
·         Please re-direct any volunteers to the National service here:
6.    Referral Management at CHFT - COVID-19 related

Dear colleagues,

As the system continues to plan for further escalation of Covid19 demand, CHFT, in line with other acute trusts nationally, have made changes to the current services offered.

This is to ensure that their workforce is mobilised and prepared to support current and predicted acute activity. The following changes have been made: -

·         CHFT, along with other regional providers, is currently closed to all routine referrals, elective services are no longer available on ERS. Please do not try refer out of area.

o    Instead please direct patients to self-management materials, and advise of what to do if their condition deteriorates.

o    We do not expect you to hold them on your books unless there is a clinical risk you can manage.

o    Patients can be asked to return after the crisis, when the NHS has resumed normal service, and they can be referred as normal if they still require routine/elective care.

·         Cancer 2WW referrals and Urgent referrals and Urgent Advice & Guidance will continue via ERS however we have agreed that any such referrals should be through/authorised by GP partners

·         CHFT is closed to routine diagnostics; MRI, Echo, Neurophysiology and ultrasound.

·         CHFT will continue to offer capacity for Urgent diagnostic referrals, but please ensure you provide sufficient details to explain rationale to justify the urgency- including what is being ruled out.

·         No out-patient clinics will be running from Todmorden Health Centre

Recognising that the predicted length of time this pandemic may take to conclude CHFT are clinically reviewing current patients who were referred as routine have and have not yet been appointed. If they are urgent they will receive an appointment to either virtually or face to face. If they are not urgent they will be returned back to their GP as there will be no ability to monitor these patients for changes. Once CHFT are able reinstate routine activity they will work with you to manage the recovery. Updates will be shared as soon as they are developed to ensure we keep our patients as safe as possible, making it as easy as possible for you to receive the support you require.

This is subject to ongoing review with CHFT and you will be informed when referrals can be made into services again.

7.    Changes to the Calderdale General Practice Model
We appreciate that much work is being done to re-provide general practice in a different way to respond to the Covid19 Pandemic. Clear pathways are being finalised including documents to support you in your practice. These will be circulated tomorrow and include:
·         revised list of core essential services,
·         admin triage guide
·         phone consultation guide
·         video consultations guide
·         face to face site guide
·         home visit guide
8.    Message from the Registrar’s office relating to changes in registering deaths (likely to start from Monday 30th March 2020)
An Emergency Bill that has recently gained Royal Assent.  Once this is brought into force it will remove the need for an informant to be present for a death registration, and allow registrations to be conducted via telephone.
At that point we will be asking GPs to email an electronic copy of the MCCD to us on, this will replace the need for a paper copy to be brought to the office.
There are no plans that we know of for an electronic MCCD, it would simply be a scan of the front and back of the current paper copy.  These would then need to be stored securely until they can be delivered to us here at the office.
It is looking like this will start from Monday next week, but we are happy to received scanned copies from now, as that will minimise the footfall into your surgeries
Rachel Goult
Registration Service Manage
Calderdale Register Office
Spring Hall
Huddersfield Road
9.    Opel and Sit Rep Reporting
The Opel reporting has been revised to include a template in relation to staffing. Please ensure that you complete and return to
Marcus Beacham at the LMC who is co-ordinating this on behalf of Calderdale General Practice. This will allow us to understand areas of pressure and ensure safe staffing across general practice. It also allows us to report into the Calderdale system call the staffing position in general practice to understand risk to service delivery in all settings.
Please return completed template by 12 noon daily to
Many thanks for your co-operation with this.
Thanks very much.
Dr Caroline Taylor CCG, Dr Seema Nagpaul LMC, Dr Fawad Azam CD, Emma Bownas