Covid19 Daily Briefing 17 April

**Email sent on behalf of the LMC, Clinical Directors and NHS Calderdale CCG**

Dear All

New requirement to test patients being discharged from hospital to a care home

The Government has made a commitment to test all residents prior to their admission to a care home. (Letter attached)

Fire Service Testing: A reminder of the SPOC email address is Please do not send directly to Michele Day as her NHS inbox is not being monitored.

Prescribing Summary document - attached

Key Safety Netting Document that supports good practice for suspected cancer patients

(attached). CRUK also has a Cancer Helpline for people with cancer and their families and a page on the CRUK website which provides general information about coronavirus and cancer. The link to this website is:

Bowel Screening/Bowel Scope Screening Update/FAQs

Attached are the nationally produced Bowel Screening FAQs which we have been asked to share with you. Whilst there is a small section of FAQs targeted at practices, the remainder will help provide you with a summary of what is currently being put in place for Bowel Screening and Bowel Scope Screening during the current COVID 19 situation. If you have any queries please contact your Local Screening and Immunisation Coordinator

Signing Electronic copies of Cremation Form 4

An update from Dr G H Barnes, Principal Medical Referee, Parkwood Crematorium.

The regulations and advice on completing form 4 have been revised following the arrival of COVID-19:

see further details from Dr Barnes attached)

Referrals to the Open Minds Partnership (CAMHS) during the COVID-19 pandemic

The Open Minds Partnership (the new name for CAMHS) is still accepting referrals and responding to queries linked to children and young people’s emotional wellbeing, mental health, autism and attention hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Please note that, due to the pandemic, the First Point of Contact (FPoC) offices are closed, and the vast majority of work is taking place by phone or on-line. As a result, please can all referrals and queries be made via telephone, email or online, not through the post. This will help keep vulnerable children and young people safe at this challenging time and ensure there are no delays in dealing with referrals.

If professionals, parent carers or young people have concerns about the emotional health of a child or young person, please contact the First Point of Contact (FPoC) on

telephone: 01422 300 001


or make an online referral at

Delivery of systemic anti-cancer treatments during COVID-19

NICE have updated the COVID-19 rapid guidelines: delivery of systemic anticancer treatments (attached). The aim of the interim treatment changes are to allow for greater flexibility in the management of cancer during COVID-19 pandemic. This relates to changes to cancer treatment in secondary care and there is no action for primary care but we are sharing in case you have patients who may be undergoing treatment changes so you are aware and can provide reassurance.

New COVID-19 Speciality Guide – Adult critical care (which may be of interest)

Key points

Advice for non-specialist healthcare providers supporting critical care specialists

Summarises the clinical characteristics of COVID-19, diagnosis and advice on treatment and care options

Dealing with a surge in demand: location of treatment, workforce, equipment, consumables, decision-making, staff safety and welfare

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