Covid19 Daily Briefing 15 April

**Email sent on behalf of the LMC, Clinical Directors and NHS Calderdale CCG**

Dear All

GP preparedness letter from NHS England and NHS Improvement for attention

Update on PPE

New guidance published over the Easter weekend:

A PPE drop was send to Horne Street last Thursday to see PCNs over the bank holiday weekend but this was less than anticipated

Another drop is going this afternoon for this week.

New guidance says e-portal not yet ready and potentially will not be in place for 4 weeks

Route is still via practices ordering from wholesale suppliers initially and only escalating if no stock. Pinch point seems to be 72 hours.

Please will you continue to report stock levels on your sit-rep at a PCN level?

An NHS home delivery service has been commissioned from community pharmacies and dispensing doctors to ensure delivery of medicines to eligible patients who have been identified as shielded – further details can be found here :

GP Connect - It is understood that the guidance is being sent directly to practices and practices might wish to join the webinar below and look at the other related guidance pages

Managing Coronavirus in General Practice and GP Connect

NHSE/I have updated the Managing coronavirus (COVID-19) in general practice (SOP). ) Page 12 relates to GP Connect.

Webinar sessions have been delivered by the programme team, providing information on configuring GP Connect in EMIS/TPP systems to specifically provide an appointment task list that the national COVID-19 Clinical Assessment Service can book into. To book: ​​​​​​​

The EMIS/TPP configuration guides are expected to be published on the GP Connect website : ​​​​​​​

NHS Cervical Screening Programme – Sample Taking - Initial Guidance during the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic

Message from Gateshead

Dear colleagues

You should now have received the attached document issued by the Regional Public Health Commissioners.

We will continue to deliver a cervical screening service for any samples that are still taken.

Our courier service is providing a routine + new ad hoc collection service, please be aware that during these turbulent times you driver / collection day / collection times may be different from what you normally receive.

If you would like your Cervical Screening courier service temporarily stopped as you have paused sample taking, or you are just taking ad hoc samples and require an ad hoc collection please email ​​​​​​​.

If you have moved to ad hoc collections or do not appear to have had a collection in a week please call 0800 953 76 10 so we can organise a collection for you.

Many thanks

Jeanette Bowes, Service Line Manager, Pathology Services- HPV Implementation

Clinical Support & Screening Services | Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust

Queen Elizabeth Hospital | Queen Elizabeth Avenue | Sheriff Hill | Gateshead NE9 6SX |

E: |, M: 07931 352180

Gynaecological cancer and coronavirus information hub launched – Support for people with gynaecological cancer during COVID-19

The Eve Appeal has developed a cancer and coronavirus information hub, so that people can access up to date and accurate information on gynaecological cancer pathways. ​​​​​​​

Staff Testing

Staff Testing is now available. Updated communication has been sent through Marcus Beacham at the LMC with details of who and how to access this for your staff.


A CAS alert has been sent to all practices around ibuprofen use and Covid. Following review of the evidence around ibuprofen and other NSAIDS guidance has now been updated. Patients can take paracetamol or ibuprofen when self-medicating for symptoms of COVID-19, such as fever and headache, and should follow NHS advice if they have any questions or if symptoms get worse.

Thanks very much.