CCG Key Messages 16 July

Key Messages

a) COVID Antibody tests (COVID Antibody Screen) can be offered to patients

COVID Antibody tests (COVID Antibody Screen) can be offered to patients, either because they have expressed an interest in being tested, or because you wish to offer the test along with other blood tests that patients may be having.

It is important to document in the patient medical record that that the patient has consented to having the blood test, and that they are aware that irrespective of the result, they must continue to comply with all social distancing / face mask policies.

Three results are possible:

· Positive: indicates prior infection, but cannot be assumed to be immune.

· Negative: no prior exposure and should be considered susceptible

· Equivocal: low antibody levels detected – should be repeated at least 2 weeks after the initial blood test (if both results are returned with an equivocal result, no further repeat should be performed – patient should be informed that the result is inconclusive and we cannot tell them whether they have been infected in the past).

Patients who are antibody positive or who have recovered from COVID-19 may wish to donate plasma for the purposes of treating patients in hospital with COVID-19. They can be directed to the NHSBT COVID-19 Convalescent plasma programme for further details:

Dr Gavin Boyd, Clinical Director – Pathology, Calderdale & Huddersfield Foundation Trust

b) New animated video to support total triage in general practice

As part of Health Education England's (HEE) e-learning programme for COVID-19, a remote total triage in general practice resource has been developed by the NHS England Digital First Primary Care Team and HEE to support all GP practices in England with the rapid implementation of a ‘total triage’ model. Details here

c) GPN Ready Scheme 2020-21

Health Education England (HEE) will shortly be inviting GP practices within Calderdale, North Kirklees and Greater Huddersfield CCG areas to apply for the GPN Ready Scheme 2020-21. Last year’s Information Pack to give you an idea of the scheme, is attached, however please note the offer could be subject to change for 2020-21.

you are interested in taking part in the scheme this year, please complete the Declaration of Consideration (Appendix 3) and forward this onto us at . /when funding is confirmed for this year they will be in touch to advise of any changes to the 2020-21. Please contact Tracy Wood if you require further information. |