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Action log update:

Direct booking 111

Prostap initiation

GDPR Support - Calderdale LMC and PGPA have sourced a company called PCDC (Primary Care Development Centre) who will be the named DPO for practices, provide training and templates for the IG toolkit. The cost per practice will be paid by PGPA

MIG - Only read-coded information is visible by CHFT. Helen Barker will explore whether the MIG could be used by PGPA for the Extended Access Hub clinics

Delayed Discharge letters

E-coli Surveillance

Single point of access for primary and secondary care 


Integrated Care Pathways 

Listserver for Practice Managers has been set up 




  • Reconfiguration 
  • Dermatology withdrawal of services - PGPA are looking to set up a service with correct governance in place
  • Urology services 
  • EPR access for patients instead of copy letter - Helen Barker said she would ensure that the letter would state if the patient has been informed regarding any actions such as tests which may be required so that the GP does not need to check this 


  • AGM for September - format to be changed. Date agreed. 
  • Cervical Screening rejection due to missing PIN code 
  • Conference Dates for the diary 
  • Constitution Draft 

Practice Managers

  • DNs and flu vaccines for September 
  • Nutritional Supplements - Helen Barker from CHFT to check that dieticians are following prescribing guidelines set out by the CCG
  • Payments from CHFT for LARCS and DNs use of rooms in practices - Practice Managers informed Helen Barker regarding outstanding payments due to Practices 




Published 16th September 2018