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Topics discussed: 


E-coli surveillance forms - Practice Managers to send self-populated forms to Public Health 

Text usage - Practices should receive regular updates of their usage. If they do not they will not be expected to pay for it. 

Pre-EPR appointments 

MADE event - The multi-disciplinary event was well attended at CHFT and will now run on a monthly basis.

Ear irrigation 

Bluebird correspondence 

Delayed discharge letters 

Single Point of Access for Primary and Secondary Care 

"What happens when you are referred to hospital" leaflet 

Dermatology Service - CHFT are reviewing their service provision

A&E attendances - CHFT have experienced high attendances to A&E recently, many of which have been inappropriate. 

Public health - No infection control team at present as struggling to recruit nurses

The CCG has been given one off non-recurrent funding to provide 52 laptops to practices in Calderdale. It was agreed this would be done based on list size

GP IT support for the CCG - Dr Kumar volunteered to take on this role

111 direct booking of 2 appointments 

GDPR training 

Enhanced Services commissioned by the CCG




Published 30th June 2018