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Cervical Screening Rejection due to missing PIN code - The Screening and Immunisation Lead NHSE Leeds confirmed that if 2 patient identifiers are present and there is a missing PIN code they will write to practices to verify the PIN code and allow 4 weeks to get back with details

DNs and flu vaccines for September 

Rapid Access Chest Pain Clinic 

Proposed WhatsApp group for PMs and locums - no interest from PMs so will not be pursued 

Jobs Tab on website 

GP Registrar - Payment will be the same as members 




  • Transformation of Outpatient Services 
  • Dermatology - 2 week referrals have increased - Solution suggested by SN ? diagnostic lesion clinic 
  • GPs to instruct DNs for Zoladex for housebound patients 
  • Delayed antibiotics for sepsis - have been busy with breaches in A&E and MAU - noted by Helen Barker
  • EPR - delayed backlog of discharge letters almost cleared


  • Levy to be increased to 40p/capita from January 2019
  • Liaison officer - 2 candidates to be interviewed 
  • Lower Valley - Meeting RL with Council and Practices - 6000 new homes are planned to be built in lower valley which could mean a significant workforce challenge in this area
  • A walk through the core contract - free seminar to be delivered by LMC Law - will be arranged for Jan 2019


  • Letter will be coming out to inform and ask Practices of arrangements for extended hours 
  • Red bag scheme
  • Locala/S1 data sharing agreement
  • NHS migrating from Windows 7 to Windows 10
  • Healthwatch - Syrian Families/Refugees - Requested a response regarding 3 case histories shared regarding services for this vulnerable population
  • Registrar Office - reminder of how to complete the death certificate 
  • CCG - funding has come to the CCG from NHSE - 280K
  • LMC - 10K non-recurrent funding for development of PMs 
  • QOF snomed causing problems with EMIS 
  • Workforce meeting led by PGPA - RH volunteered to attend 
  • Schedule for LMC meetings in 2019 agreed 





Published 17th December 2018