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Update on Core hours

Collaborative fees for mental health 

E- Coli Surveillance (Public Health) - There is a template on SystmOne and EMIS which should self populate the information required and then just needs to be sent by secure email. There were some concerns raised that the template would not be able to extract all the information required. It was agreed that Practices would trial and feedback any issues. 

Primary Care Home in Calderdale CCG

Prescribing Gain Share 50/50 scheme

Walk in my shoes 

Primary Care Assurance 

Gluten Free Prescribing - The CCG would like to propose that Calderdale stop prescribing all gluten free products on the basis that there are gluten free products available at a reasonable price. This has been taken to a public consultation and the public have agreed the policy 

GDPR Training Event 28th March 

Practice Manager Development Funding 

Text overusage 

Primary Care Workforce conferences 

Inappropriate requests from schools - for sicknotes, Paracetamol and CAMHS referrals.

Dr  Brook retirement



Published 21st April 2018