Latest Minutes


LMC Meeting 5.9.2018

Topics discussed: 


Action log update:

Red and Green prescribing for Dalteparin

GDPR training


Dermatology withdrawal of services 

EPR access for patients - CHFT re-looking at the policy to only allow online access to copy letters for patients as this isn't suitable for all. It was also highlighted that copy letters are often the only way the GP knows what the patient has been told. It was suggested that consultants document any actions that the GP needs to be aware of in their letters

Nutritional Supplements 

Payments from CHFT for LARCS and DNs use of rooms in Practices 


E-coli Surveillance 

Single point of access for Primary and Secondary Care - an email address has been set up by CHFT for GPs to send copies of all BMA letters sent to Consultants regarding workload  shift. Practices should also raise a datix for the CCG to assess the extent of the issue




  • Safeguarding - Discussion regarding domestic violence documentation issues



  • Flu vaccines for 2019/20


  • Support for new funding - Extra funding available per head due to being an Integrated Care System now. CCG will be looking at how this could be used to help the new approach to integrated working 

Practice Managers

  • Development funding/appraisals - The LMC will be contacting Partners and Managers to encourage them to take advantage of the scheme. Any mentoring will be offered to all PMs


Lithium prescribing 

6mth - 2 yr flu vaccine 

Copy of letter sent to the Council 

Gender Identity prescribing for Young Children

Locums contacting the LMC 


LMC AGM 26.9.2018

  • Secretary's report - Our Successes and Challenges for the Last year 
  • Sessional Representative - My experience so far 
  • Financial Report - How the LMC has spent your levies 
  • Chair Report - The Shape of Calderdale LMC in the future 



Published 13th October 2018