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GP Mentorship Service

Funds have been made available by NHSe for the development of GP Mentorship services. For Calderdale, we have agreed to work in partnership with YORLMC to provide this valuable service to our GPs. Mentorship works by enabling mentors to adopt a primarily selfless role in supporting the learning, development, and ultimate success of the doctor. They will use their own experience to support doctors over a defined period, and focus clearly on the needs, goals and challenges of the doctors they are mentoring. Mentoring programmes focus general on four key elements – identifying goal and supporting progress, career development, counselling and sharing knowledge. Mentorship is not a management relationship and is entered in to voluntarily on both sides (mentor and doctor). For further information and details on how to apply for the service please go here.

Tier 2 Visa Applications - Latest NHSe Guidance

NHSe have produced updated information highlighting that GPs are now on the shortage occupation list and the resident labour market test (RMLT) is no longer required. Although this was previously covered by the national GP recruitment programme so the practices didn’t actually have to undertake the requirements of the test, the form now has to be completed differently. The exception is if the doctor is going to be working less than 30 hours in which case the RLMT is required in which case there is a statement explaining that it has been covered by the international GP recruitment team as previously. Detailed information is available here

A general information is available here

Understanding Sustainability and Transformation Plans and the Integrated Care System

The BMA have just published guidance to help us understand the recently developed structures across the NHS and also to help the local health system ensure it has a voice in these systems. You can find this new guide here

Yorkshire Ambulance Service Procedures

The local Ambulance Service has recently updated its procedures in regard to ambulance requests from Health Care Professionals. A new leaflet that forms a guide for HCPs and a checklist for use when contacting the service have been provided. These resources are available here

GP Support Service Changes

The BMA have re-branded the former Counselling and Doctor Advisory as BMA Wellbeing Support Services Counselling. All the new contact informtation and links are in our GP Health Services section here


Primary Care Networks - Draft Contract Changes 2019

Following the recent consultation process into the proposed developments of the PCN contracts, Calderdale LMC sent their response to NHSe through the BMA. A copy of this response can be found here















What have we been up to?

The LMC has appointed Marcus Beacham as the LMC Liaison Officer since January 2019. Marcus will be the "First point of Contact" for the LMC and is contactable at

New Monthly LMC Communique

A new monthly communique from us has been launched. The latest version with news on recent developments and guidance is available here

GP Leadership Development

The LMC in partnership with Calderdale CCG have provided a second opportunity for local GPs to take part in a leadership development course. October saw the commencement of this six month programme and it is really encouraging to see that the course itself has seen seventeen local GPs enrolled and partaking in the programme. This is clearly good news for the development of future leadership in General Practice across Calderdale.


A  "Jobs" tab has been added to the website. This is a free advertising service available to Calderdale Practices only. Practice Managers can email to add their job adverts. 




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Wednesday 12th February 2020

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Meetings commence at 7.45pm in the Learning and Development Centre, Calderdale Hospital.

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