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Updates from the Latest LMC Meeting 

The LMC met on 23rd May 2018. The minutes of the meeting will be uploaded to this site once they have been approved. 

Some of the topics discussed are outlined below:

  • Pre-EPR appointments - The national team no longer advise patients to go back to their Practice if they are unable to offer an appointment with their chosen provider at initial contact.
  • MADE event (Multi-Disciplinary Accelerated Discharge Event) - Was useful and CHFT will now be running one every month. 
  • A&E attendances - CHFT report high A&E attendances recently, many being inappropriate. PMs will review how their patients are using A&E. CHFT will look at how they stream patients to OOH as this may relieve the pressure on A&E. 

Latest Minutes 

The minutes from April's LMC meeting have now been approved and can be found here...

GDPR Guidance 

The GDPR is an EU regulation which will become directly applicable in the UK on 25th May 2018. Access updated guidance and resources here... 

Changes to products available on prescription

Calderdale CCG and NHS England have provided guidance for GPs to stop prescribing certain products. More information regarding which products not to prescribe and a downloadable patient leaflet can be found here... 

Calderdale Bladder and Bowel Service 

The Continence Advisory Service has recently been rebranded. It caters for adults and children over the age of 5 years. Referrals can be made via GPs and other health professionals. Patient self-referrals are also accepted. Refer via telephone by calling 01422 252086 or via email.  You can find out more and download the referral forms and service leaflet here...

The Bawa-Garba case and its wider implications 

The case has wide implications for all doctors and a Review is underway regarding Gross Negligence Manslaughter. The BMA are providing regular information regarding topics related to the case and have updated their guidance on reflective practice as a result also. Read more here...

Latest Guidance - Electronic Reporting of Deaths to the Coroner

The Coroners Office have recently changed how they would like others to report deaths to them. An electronic referral form must be completed and emailed to More details can be found here... 

GMS Contract changes for 2018/19 

The BMA GPs committee (GPC) England has concluded negotiations and reached agreement with NHS Employers on changes to the GP contract for 2018/19. More information here... 







What have we been up to?

Welcome to our new and improved Calderdale LMC website! 

Dr Hussain has been working on the site to make it easier to navigate and more engaging. It is still a work in progress but we hope that the site will be fully functional in its new format soon. 

The home page will be regularly updated with snippets of relevant information including News, Events and recent uploads to the site itself.

We would like to request your feedback regarding the new site as well as suggestions as to how we could improve and develop it further. Please feel free to pass your comments to one of the LMC members. Alternatively, you can use the contact form to let us know what you think. 

You can also use the contact form to send us correspondence or if you feel you may require the help/assistance of the LMC.

If in doubt, contact us! We will always try to help and can signpost you to other relevant organisations if necessary. 


What else have the LMC been doing in the last few weeks? 


Dr Kumar has been liaising with Public Health with regards to E-coli Surveillance forms and the work required. PMs have been reminded to send self-populated forms to Public Health to demonstrate that forms lack completeness when relying on the automated system alone. 

The LMC have been liaising with the CCG and CHFT regarding the policy for Gluten Free Prescribing. This has not been finalised as yet. 

The LMC have been working with CHFT to redevelop district nurse "pink sheets" and will be discussing a proposal made by the Director of Operations at CHFT in due course. 

Dr Kumar has volunteered to help with the decision making for the CCG's provision of non-core IT services for General Practices.

Dr Nagpaul and Dr Hussain attended the Pennine GP VTS Half-Day Release Session on 29th May 2018 to inform GP Trainees regarding the LMC as well as to invite them to attend and participate in LMC Meetings. The session was well-received with overwelmingly positive feedback. Trainees gained insight and an increased understanding of the role of the LMC. The LMC is hoping to recruit a GP Trainee Representative in the near future but acknowledges that more engagement from GP Trainees is required in the first instance. 




Upcoming events

26 June 2018   Pennine GP Alliance Clinical Training Workshop


Next LMC Meeting 

20 June 2018    Calderdale LMC Meeting

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