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Update from the latest LMC Meeting 

The LMC met on Wednesday 11th April. Below is an outline of some of topics that were discussed: 

  • District Nurse 'Pink Forms' - Andrea Doris, Director of Operations, has shared a proposal for a way forward
  • Text overusage - The LMC will ask THIS to give practices regular updates so that they can monitor and control their text usage
  • MADE (Multi-disciplinary Accelerated Discharge Event)
  • Helen Barker, Chief Operating Officer CHFT, would like to visit practices to discuss the community division 
  • LMC communication - Feedback from the GDPR training was that Practice Managers should be the main conduit for the LMC to communicate with Practices. Other suggestions were that the LMC speaks with GPs at Practice Leads Meetings. 

The Minutes of the meeting will be uploaded to the website once they have been approved. 

Latest BMA Sessional GP Newsletter

April's Newsletter with blogs regarding Pensions and an alternative career as an Emergency Department GP can be found here...

Latest Guidance - Electronic Reporting of Deaths to the Coroner

The Coroners Office have recently changed how they would like others to report deaths to them. An electronic referral form must be completed and emailed to More details can be found here... 

Latest Minutes - March 2018 

The Minutes from the LMC meeting in March have now been uploaded and can be accessed by clicking here...  Gluten Free prescribing was a hot topic. 

 GDPR Training 

Shanee Baker from LMC Law delivered GDPR training on Wednesday 28th March on behalf of Calderdale LMC. The event was an overwhelming success with a large audience of GPs and PMs from both Calderdale and Huddersfield. Attendees greatly benefited from the information presented and had the opportunity to ask questions.

LMC Law have kindly agreed for the presentation to be uploaded to the website for your benefit. Read more here... 

GMS Contract changes for 2018/19 

The BMA GPs committee (GPC) England has concluded negotiations and reached agreement with NHS Employers on changes to the GP contract for 2018/19. More information here... 







What have we been up to?

Welcome to our new and improved Calderdale LMC website! 

Dr Hussain has been working on the site to make it easier to navigate and more engaging. It is still a work in progress but we hope that the site will be fully functional in its new format soon. 

The home page will be regularly updated with snippets of relevant information including News, Events and recent uploads to the site itself.

We would like to request your feedback regarding the new site as well as suggestions as to how we could improve and develop it further. Please feel free to pass your comments to one of the LMC members. Alternatively, you can use the contact form to let us know what you think. 


What else have the LMC been doing in the last few weeks? 


Dr Nagpaul has been working with NHSE, Calderdale CCG and Calderdale MBC to agree funding and training for Practice Manager Development and Mentoring. 

Dr Loh has been raising concerns with the Coroner regarding new online reporting. 

Dr Hussain has updated and categorised the Support  section of the website. The Careers page contains information regarding The Induction & Refresher Scheme and GP Retention Scheme. The GP Education page has been updated with links to websites for learning and continuous professional development. 

The LMC have been working with CHFT to redevelop district nurse "pink sheets". 

Dr Siddiqui and Dr Nagpaul attended the LMC Conference in Liverpool on 9th March 2018. 


Upcoming events

24 Apr 2018    PGPA Clinical Training Workshop - Managing Diabetes in Ramadan


Next LMC Meeting 

23 May 2018    Calderdale LMC Meeting

For dates of all meetings for 2018 you can click on the Events tab or here