Updates from the latest LMC meeting

The LMC has £10K funding for the development of Practice Managers. Information has been sent to PMs to complete a matrix of areas for which further training could be provided. All PMs are encouraged to respond. 


Published 17th December 2018 


The Calderdale LMC team welcomed  M Beacham who will be taking over Tracy Worrall's role as LMC Administrator/PA. 




Published 17th December 2018 


The LMC were informed by Public Health that they have now appointed an experienced nurse for their Infection Prevention and Control team. 




Published 17th December 2018


Rosemary Cowgill updated the LMC on the progress of the multiple projects PGPA are currently involved in. There were significant successes to be celebrated including the fact that 8 new GPs have registered on PGPA's GP Career Start scheme. 


17th December 2018


Incidences of inappropriate workload shift were shared. It was agreed that these should be sent back to the requesting clinician using BMA templates and a copy be sent to the central CHFT email address shared with Practices. 


Published 17th December 2018


Information from the Coroner's Office was shared with the LMC regarding a change in their requirements for reporting deaths of patients who have not been seen in the 14 days prior to death. Read more in our Guidance section. 


Published 17th December 2018

Latest updates and news

Save the Date - 5th March 2019 - A Walk Through the Core Contracts - delivered by LMC Law 

Following our successful GDPR training seminar last year, Shanee Baker will be back to give us step by step guidance on the regulations on key issues such as closing lists for example. Read more here... 

Next Generation GP Programme 

Next Generation GP is coming to West Yorkshire! This nationally expanding and fully-funded programme seeks to inspire emerging future leaders in General Practice, and this year is no exception, with a fantastic line up of workshops and interviews by foremost leaders in healthcare as shown below.

The programme consists of 5 evening events from February - July, based in Huddersfield & Leeds. Applications close on Friday 1st February 5pm. For more details click here... 

Latest Guidance - Issuing Death Certificates where the doctor has not seen the patient in the 14 days prior to death

The LMC have received updated guidance from the Coroner's Office regarding the above. Read more here... 

Latest Guidance - GPDF Commissioned Legal Notes to guide Practices 

Following requests, the GPDF have commissioned legal notes from Pennington Manches LLP regarding how Practices should respond to witness summons and the legalities surrounding E-signatures. Read more here... 

Latest Guidance - Appraisals 

YORLMC have shared some useful resources from the BMA to help GPs prepare for appraisals. They have also shared NHS latest guidance for those undertaking "Low volume of NHS General Practice clinical work". Read more here... 










What have we been up to?

The LMC has recently appointed Marcus Beacham as the LMC Liaison Officer. Marcus will be the "First point of Contact" for the LMC and will be offering administrative support in place of Tracy Worrall. He will also be taking over responsibility for the website development and maintenance from Dr Hussain. The LMC would like to thank Tracy and Dr Hussain for their contributions and hard work!

A  "Jobs" tab has been added to the website. This is a free advertising service available to Calderdale Practices only. Practice Managers can email the Marcus to add their job adverts in due course. 

Dr Hussain attended the Primary Care and Stakeholders Workforce Group Meeting as a Representative of the LMC in January 2019. She will be liaising with Kirklees CCG regarding the results of their Locum GP workforce survey and feeding this back to the group at subsequent meetings. 



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Upcoming events

31 Jan 2019     BMA Local Engagement Event: Caring, Supportive, Collaborative - a future vision for the NHS

05 Mar 2019     A Walk through the Core Contracts - Delivered by LMC Law


Next LMC Meeting 

13 Feb 2019     Calderdale LMC Meeting

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