We provide support for our members' health, welfare and careers. We understand the challenges that NHS GPs are facing and have a wealth of collective knowledge, experience and expertise to allow us to assist those needing support.

We can offer advice and help on most matters affecting GPs including, but not limited to, issues with appraisal, revalidation, remuneration, performance or health concerns, contractual and workload obligations, premises and disputes between GPs and other bodies. Pastoral support is also available for GPs who are in distress or difficulty.

We can always signpost you to other relevant organisations if we feel they are more suited to offering the help you need. Outlined below are details of some services available to GPs nationally that you may find beneficial.

NHS GP Health Service

This was launched in January 2017 as an NHS service for GPs and GP trainees in England. It provides free, confidential help with issues relating to a mental health concern, including stress or depression, or an addiction problem, in particular where these might affect work. The service operates on a self-referral basis and is provided by health professionals specialising in mental health support to doctors. It is available in various locations across England.

Tel: 0300 0303 300 (Mon - Fri 8am - 8 pm Sat 8am - 2pm)



Please note the service is not for emergency or crisis issues.These should be directed to mainstream NHS services.

BMA Counselling

This service offers confidential help with issues such as Stress, Bullying, GMC issues, Relationship issues, Alcohol or Substance abuse, Debt and Depression.

It is staffed by professional telephone counsellors who are all members of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. By seeking constructive and supportive help from the service, you may identify ways of addressing the root causes of your problem, develop strategies to reduce the impact of the consequences and rebuild your self-confidence.

Tel: 0330 123 1245 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)


Doctor Advisor Service

This service runs alongside BMA Counselling giving doctors and medical students in distress or difficulty the choice of speaking in confidence to another doctor. Doctor Advisors do not provide diagnoses or treatment, although inevitably any interaction will have a therapeutic aspect.

Tel: 0330 123 1245 (ask for a Doctor Advisor)



The Cameron Fund

The Cameron Fund is the GPs' own charity. It is the only medical benevolent fund that solely supports GPs and their dependents.

The charity provides grants and loans to assist doctors and their families experiencing financial difficulties due to short or long-term illness, relationship breakdown or hardship following the actions of regulatory bodies or former partners.

Interest-free loans may be available towards the expenses encountered during a return to professional work. The charity helps those who are already suffering from financial hardship and those who are facing it.

Anyone who knows of someone experiencing hardship is urged to draw attention to the Cameron Fund’s existence.

Tel: 020 7388 0796



Help me, I'm a Doctor - A new portal offering financial support

The main medical charities have produced a website portal that will help doctors in difficulties to find the most suitable charity to apply to. BMA Charities has worked with The Cameron Fund, The Royal Medical Benevolent Fund, The Royal Medical Foundation, and The Society for the Assistance of Medical Families (formerly Widows & Orphans) and the portal has now gone live.

Doctors, or their dependents, and medical students, can answer a very short questionnaire to find the best charity to help them. They can then link to that charity for more information about eligibility and application. There is also information about other organisations that can offer help.